Details That Will Make Your Wedding More Luxe

 It would be amazing to have a luxurious wedding without having to spend all of your savings on it. Well you can! There are small details that can add that luxury feel to your wedding without you having to go over budget. You don't need a string quartet and an ice sculpture. Keep on reading to find out how to achieve this. 

Wait Staff

Ask your venues wait staff to wear white gloves. This little details takes their look to another level. Gloves are very inexpensive but still give off that more refined look. 

Dress Up Your Chairs

Add a fun touch to your bride and groom chairs with extra decor. You can add flowers, pearls, and custom signs. It's a nice way to add a little pop to the overall look. 

Keep It Classic

There is something about a black and white color palette that really embraces that luxe look. Having a classic color palette to work with is an easy way to elevate your wedding. 

Add A Signature Cocktail

Having more personalized items in your wedding is a great way to take it to the next level. Signature cocktails are the perfect way to do this. 

Skip The Buffet Style

When it comes to serving your food have it plated for each individual person. It gives the wedding that elegant feel. A buffet style where guests serve themselves can get messy and they would have to wait longer. 

Candle Lit

Bring in the elegance and romance with candles! Candles are a budget friendly way to make your wedding special. They can be used for table decor and even for your wedding alter. 

Add a Champagne tower

Champagne towers are so iconic and are starting to become popular again. It is a great luxe touch that guests will love to see. 

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