Personalized Items For Your Bridal Suite

 Get your bridal suite ready for all of the glam and fun pictures being taken. The bridal suite is a great space to hang out with your girls and get ready for the big day. To make it even more special we have some awesome ideas to add to it. These personalized items will serve great memories and will make the getting ready process even more amazing. Let's take a look at some of them.

Personalized Hanger

More and more brides are getting personalized hangers for their wedding dress. It's a fun little addition and it's going to look amazing in pictures. You can have your new last name on it or just add some fun flair to a normal hanger with pearls. They will both look great. 

Bridal Cup

Sip your favorite beverage in your custom bridal cup. It looks great in photos and you can have matching one's with your bridal party. These small things make your bridal experience more fun. 

Custom Slippers

We have all seen custom robes and sets to get ready in but we can't forget about the shoes. Sit back and relax as you get your glam done with fluffy slippers. 

Your Signature Scent

If you want to have a wave of memories come back from your big day we suggest picking out a new perfume for that day. Scents are a great way to remember moments in your life. So every time you wear that perfume you will think about your big day. 

Extra Decor

Your bridal suite will have it's own decorations based on the style of the venue but don't be afraid to bring extras. Things like balloons or banners add that personal touch. 

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