Bridal Shoes To Try Spring 2023

 Wedding shoes not only have to be stunning but they have to be comfortable as well. As Spring approaches you have more options of shoes to wear that aren't going to freeze your feet like a winter wedding. We have some wonderful styles to look for this spring time. Let us know what you think and which you would pick. 

Ballet Flats

This is a comfortable options for the brides who just don't see wearing heels being in their plans. Ballet flats are making a big statement in the fashion world currently and they would make a perfect bridal shoe. It has that traditional style that will look amazing with a romantic style A-line gown. Go for a classic ivory or white color. You can also try pastels for that Spring touch. 

Pantones Color-Magenta

Magenta was named the color of the year for 2023 from Pantone. This is a bright a lively color that represents strength and being brave. This is a great color for a bridal look. If you want to add a pop to your bridal look this Magenta shoes just might be for you. 


Feathers in wedding dresses are all over the runway. It gives that look of glamour and elegance. If having them on your dress seems like too much for you then you can try it on your shoes. Theres so many styles that features feather. They add that fashionable touch to any look. 

Which was your favorite? There is something for ever bride. Remember to make sure the ones you pick you are comfortable with. 

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