What To Know About Morning Weddings

 If you're an early riser and just can't wait to get married as soon as possible having a morning wedding might be for you.  That means by around 3 P.M all of the festivities maybe done. Considering this time may have some money saving perks to it. We typically see weddings happen over the weekend on an evening. But there are no rules saying that you have to do that. Here are some things to consider if you want o have a morning wedding. 

Your Timeline

If you wedding is going to end around 3 P.M that means that everything has be done early. So you're look about waking up around 6 A.M To start getting everything rolling. You need to think about how long hair and makeup is going to take. If you want to be taking photos during that time. These are all things that are going to influence your timeline so just keep that in mind. 

Evening Entertainment

We sometimes see the party going all night long for certain weddings but that doesn't have to be the case for a morning wedding. You don't have to provide evening entertainment if you are having your wedding so early. If you have out of town guests you can leave a guide to some things they might want to see before heading out again. 

Is It Still a Formal Wedding?

Yes! Your wedding can still be as formal as you please even without it happening during the evening. Make sure you give your guests their wedding dress code just like you normally would. You might not see them in ball gowns but they can still dress formal. 

Get Creative

With a morning wedding you can have a bit more fun with the food you serve. You can go for brunch foods like avocado toast for starters and maybe even offer an omelette station. That means you can also include mimosas and even espresso martinis for your drink options. 

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