Valentines Inspired Bridal Look

 Bring all the romance to your bridal look by getting inspired by Valentines day. If you want to try something fun a new for your bridal look we have some great ideas waiting for you. Take a look at these and tell us which is your favorite. 

Classic Red Lip 

A red lip is a classic look that also brings that pop of Valentines day to your look. A red lip is bold and really makes a statement. We recommend using a long wearing one so you don't have to worry about it smudging or having to reapply too often. 

Lacey Gown

Lace just scream romantic and sexy. Look for beautiful lace details when you are choosing your gown. If you do want to add that sexy touch go for a fitted silhouette to give you that bombshell look. 

Heart Nails

Your wedding nails are something you can have a little more fun with if you want to keep everything traditional. Get some pops of pinks and red in there if you want something very on theme. You can also add small white hearts. 

Bridal Bouquet

Go for a pink and red bouquet for a whimsical Valentines look. It will look stunning against your white gown. 

Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Sunglasses have been becoming a big trend for that cool modern bride look. Wear heart shaped sunglasses look retro and fun. You can also get matching ones for your bridesmaids for some great photos. 

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