Wedding Dress Shopping Etiquette

 Make your wedding dress shopping experience the best it can be by following some guidelines. Shopping in person is such a difference experience than just adding things to a virtual cart online. But there are some serious perks to go in person to a boutique to go wedding dress shopping. Here are somethings to keep in mind to make the experience enjoyable and smooth as possible. 

But First An Appointment

Before you walk into a bridal store ready to start trying on the their whole inventory it's important that you book an appointment with them. Bridal stores get busy over the weekend so you might have to book weeks in advance. Having an appointment is helpful for the staff but it also ensures you have time that is reserved for you and have their full undivided attention. 

Keep Your Company Small

When you do arrive at your appointment be mindful of how many people you bring with you. Not only does it benefit you but the store as well. Trying on dresses in front of a crowd can be a bit scary so only bring the people you are most comfortable with. 

Disclose Your Budget

If you want to have a good shopping experience it's important to be realistic on what wedding dress you can buy. You don't want to get your hopes up just to not be able to get the gown. Telling your bridal consultant your budget is much needed so they can help you find a gown that won't break the bank. They'll have more of an idea of what to grab for you to try on. 

Be Mindful

You are going to be trying on delicate and expensive gowns so it's important to be mindful and handle them with care. You are going to want to avoid bring in food and drinks. If the boutique offers drinks or snacks just be careful not to spill things on the gowns or make a mess. 

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