What To Know About Wedding Dress Alterations

 The wedding dress shopping experience doesn't just stop when you choose which dress you will be purchasing. Most of the time you will need to get the dress altered. A wedding dress alteration is all about making sure your wedding dress fits you properly. That can mean adjusting the straps or the length of the overall dress. Sometimes it just minor things that need tailoring or sometimes it can be multiple things. Here are somethings to know about getting your dress altered. 

Multiple Fittings

You will most likely have multiple fittings of your wedding dress to ensure everything is fitting properly. So make sure you give yourself plenty of time to order the dress, do alterations, and multiple fittings. You should also make sure you speak up about something feeling uncomfortable because you aren't going to want to wait until your wedding day and wish you had said something. 

The Right Length

When you are measuring for the hemming of the gown be sure to wear the shoes you are planning on wearing on your wedding day. That helps to ensure you have the right length of the dress. You don't want to have higher heels than your wedding shoes and then have the dress be too long. 

It Won't Ruin The Dress

Remember that it's always best to go for a bigger size and adjust it. There is no need to worry about alterations ruining the gown. Alterations are there to ensure the dress fits your body perfectly.


Alterations are also there to allow customizations be made. You can choose to add more beading or change up the style of straps used. Do be mindful that these come at a typically higher cost so make sure to ask about it before. 

Do Your Research

Most bridal stores do in home alterations, that means they have some one at their store for that. It can be convenient to have them done at the same place you shopped from but don't settle. Be sure to look up other alterations and which one is best for you. And of course don't forget to ask about the pricing to compare. 

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