What Happens After Wedding Dress Alterations?


As you probably know by now you will have to have alterations on your wedding dress to make it perfect for your big day. This is one important thing to remember when wedding dress shopping and to pay attention in your overall timeline. It can take more than one time to really get the right look and fit. 

It may not be something too major but it will bring everything together to help you achieve that flawless bridal look. With that in mind, there are somethings you have to pay attention to when deciding if your wedding gown is everything you have dreamt of. Once you have received your newly altered dress keep these key things in mind so that you are able to rock your gorgeous gown. 

How It Fits

This maybe a no brainer but really think about how you feel in it. Comfort is just as important as the overall look. You should make sure you feel support in areas you should. Especially when it comes to strapless dresses. Look for gaping in things like waistline and straps. It should be fitted but not too tight. 

The Details

Now that the fit is just right it’s time to look into the smaller things on the dress. If it is beaded look for anything that may look loose. This also goes for lace appliqués. Make sure they all lay down is they are meant to. You should also keep an eye out for any hanging strings that aren’t supposed to. 

Finishing Touches

At this point in time your wedding dress should be what you wanted. The fit that was intended. If you feel like something is off don’t feel hesitation to mention it. You should look and feel confidant in the gown. Make sure you determine if you more alterations. 

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