What To Know Before Having Your Dog In Your Wedding

On your wedding day you want every member of your family there by your side, that can include your pet! More and more dogs are being featured in their humans weddings and we love it. Not only does it your day even more special but dogs can also be great for soothing and nerves. Before you set your mind on having your dog at the altar with you there are something you should keep in mind. 

Assess Behavior

It sounds perfect to have your pouch by your side but it's important to be realistic. Think about their behavior. Are they good around people? Do they make a lot of noise? Do they have a lot of energy? Your dog should be a nice addition and not cause distractions from you. If you think they might get out of hand then it might not be the best thing to have them present. 

Are Pets Allowed? 

Not all venues allow animals to be present so it's very important to ask about that when looking for the right venue. Your best option might be an outdoor venue. 

Try Out Attire

If you want your pet to wear certain things be sure to test how they react to it before hand. If they are uncomfortable they are not going to want to wear it. Try different things like a special collar to actual clothing. Not all dogs like wearing clothes so just make sure you pick the right thing before the big day. 

Inform Your Guests

Let your guests know that your dog will be attending the wedding. This is important if some people have allergies or even a fear of dogs. You can also leave details on special measures you would like them to take with your dog. That can include not feeding them table food, not touching them in certain ways, or behaviors that can upset your pet. 

Give Them A Venue Tour

It's important to get your dog familiar with the venue. So give them a tour before the big day to let them feel comfortable. It gives them time to explore and get all of the sniffing done before the wedding. 

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