5 Ways To Add Pops of Color To Your Wedding

 Spring and summer weddings are all about embracing bold and bright colors. It embodies that warm and happy feeling that comes along with the season. We have some great ideas to help you incorporate colorful elements to your wedding. Keep on reading to learn more. 

Make Your Aisle Pop

Your walk down the aisle should be a happy and bright time so add some beautiful florals that represent that. Look for bright yellows and pinks for the ultimate summer vibe. Don't be afraid to make the flower arrangements big to compliment that larger than life feeling. 

The Dance Floor

Make your dance floor the place to be with bright colors. It's going to attract your guests and everyone will be off their seats. You can go with a checkered design or even colorful florals. 

Cake Table Decor

Make your wedding cake stand out even more by decorating its table with lots of color. That could mean florals or candles. You can even use other colorful desserts for that extra pop. 

Vibrant Dinning Tables

Your dinning tables also need that fun touch of color. Use table cloths to bring that to life. Don't be afraid to be bold with prints too. 

Colorful Venue

It doesn't always have to be about the decor. Your wedding venue can also be naturally colorful. This would be perfect because it can help you save money on decorations. 

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