Don't Make These Mistakes Walking Down The Aisle

 Your wedding ceremony is one of the most magical parts of your wedding. There are certain traditions each couples likes to enjoy and incorporate into their own. You can make your ceremony as formal or non formal as you would like but there are somethings you should leave out. 

1. Avoid Chewing Gum

We understand you want your breath to be minty fresh as you kiss for the first time as a married couple but we would say just to avoid gum. It can be distracting when you are talking and walking down the aisle chewing doesn't look the best. Looking back in videos and photos you are going to regret the gum.

2. Drinking Too Much

This is an important rule to remember through out your wedding day. Avoid drinking too much alcohol. It's total okay to have some champagne while getting ready with your girls but not enough to stumble down the aisle. Make sure you don't drink on an empty stomach and get plenty of water in. 

3. Looking At Your Feet

It can be nerve wrecking walking down the aisle so making eye contact can be hard. However, you are going to want to avoid looking down the entire time. Make sure to soak it in and look at your guests. Most importantly your partner waiting at the alter. So have good posture and don't be afraid to show your beautiful smile. 

4. Don't Rush

You want your walk to look comfortable and not like you are running down the aisle. Make sure you take your time and are at the same pace as the person walking you down. Take deep breathes and just remember what a beautiful day it is. 

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