What To Know About Private Vow Exchanges

 Your wedding vows are typically one of the most special and intimate parts of your wedding. They are not only shared with your partner but all of your guests which can be a little nerve wrecking. That is why some couples are choosing to share their vows to each other privately. Not everyone wants to share this special moment with everyone and that is totally okay. 

Wedding vows are so intimate it can be hard to share them with your wedding guests especially if you are having a large wedding. Thankfully you don't have to exchange vows in front of everyone if that isn't something you want. You can choose to read them to each other on your first look or even after the wedding is over. Having a private vow exchange is also great is you are feeling anxious about confessing your love in a large group of people. You don't have to worry about people judging what you had to say. 

Exchanging your vows privately also lets you get more personal with it. It makes room for inside jokes and private moments you might want to talk about. In some religious ceremonies custom vows are not allowed so having a private vow exchange is a great way to make it your own. 

Just because you are choosing to say your vows privately doesn't mean you should wait until last minute to write them. Give yourself plenty of time so you can make adjustments if needed and make sure you are happy with them. You should still take them seriously and you can even choose to write them together with your partner. 

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