Champagne Wall Ideas

 A champagne wall is always going to be an eye catching piece to have at a wedding. It gives that luxe look but it doesn't have to be expensive. If you are thinking of having a decor piece that can also serve as seating escorts than a champagne wall would be perfect. It also can look great in photos. There is so many purposes it can serve so it really is a must have at a wedding. Here are some ideas to help you decorate your champagne wall. 

1. Garden Themed

If you are having a romantic garden themed wedding get ready to put lots of flowers on your champagne wall. You can mix in some greenery but don't be afraid to go bold with the flowers. You can use bright colors for that extra pop. 

2. Neon Sign

We mentioned using the wall as a great photo op so make it even more picture worthy with a neon sign. It always adds that retro feel and looks amazing in photos. Put it against a dark colored back drop to make it really pop. 

3. Vintage Touch

Add that touch of vintage to your wedding by displaying your champagne on a refurbished book case. It's also a great way to save some money and an easy DIY. You can even fill any drawers with beautiful flowers. 

4. Using Mini Bottles

Instead of having champagne filled flutes use mini bottles. It gives a different and more unique look. You can even attach a straw if the ladies don't want to mess up their lipstick. 

5. Retro

Use retro fonts and disco balls to display your champagne wall. You can even add fun text to really bring the theme to life. 

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