Round Ceremony Seating Design

 There are many ceremony designs to consider when wedding planning. The most common one we see is where the couple is in the front of the room and guests are seated on two sides. However there is also a circular design. Here the couple is in the middle and guests sit around them. 

A circular ceremony design is great because it gives more flexibility than a traditional set up. It is also much more unique than traditional seating. It's a great way to make your wedding stand out from others if that's something you want. 

A round ceremony design is also perfect if you don't have a great back drop. It shifts all of the focus of the surrounding views and makes it all about the couple. This would be perfect if you are having a wedding in a public space. 

Having this type of ceremony also makes it much more intimate. Even if you have a large guest list having a round ceremony design can make everyone one be an important part of the ceremony. 

If you are planning on having the ceremony and reception in the same venue a round seating design would be amazing. It will give the room a much more drastic look when it switches from ceremony to recption. Really helping transform the venue. 

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