What Wedding Guests Really Want From Weddings

 Your wedding day should be all about celebrating you and your partners love with those that mean the most to you. You want to have an amazing day and also make the experience pleasant for your guests. We don't think you should change your wedding to please others but making sure your loved ones are comfortable and happy is also a great feeling. Here are some things to incorporate that your guests are going to thank you for. 

Pay Close Attention To The Climate

This is such an important factor in any wedding. Your guests are going to remember if they were really sweaty or freezing at your wedding. Too much of either one and it can make the whole experience uncomfortable. So make sure you have things like fans or blankets available for your guests depending on the season you are having your wedding. Even heaters and umbrellas are really going to help your guests.

 Give A Schedule

Let your guests know the timeline of your wedding so that they don't feel lost through out the day. They are able to know when dances are going to happen and when they can expect to eat. You don't have to go into details but an over look of the wedding is a great help. 

Bring On The Food

Something guests pay a lot of attention to in weddings is the food. Not only the taste but the amount they are able to eat. You are not going to want you guests to go hungry. This doesn't mean you need to spend a lot on expensive dishes. Simple things like desserts and late night bites are a great hit with guests. 

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