What To Expect From A Non Weekend Wedding

 Having your wedding on a weekend, especially a Saturday is always the norm. It just works in so many different ways. However, that doesn't mean you have to have your wedding on a weekend. Having a weekday wedding also comes with it's perks. If you are considering a weekday wedding we have some tips that will help you decide if it's for you. 

Lower RSVP

Having a weekday wedding may mean not as many of your guests will be able to make it. It can be hard to take time off from work so not everyone will be able to attend. This can also be true for younger couples where some of the guests might still be in school. It can clash with the time they have off. So if you want a smaller more intimate wedding then a weekday is still perfect. 

Plan For The Evening

If you are having a weekday wedding we suggest planning on having an evening ceremony. It can help with your guests attending. It will allow them to still be able to work during the day and maybe just have a half day. Your cocktail hour will also help with any traffic time. 

Vendor Options

With a weekday wedding comes the positive of having more vendors available. Since most of the weddings are held on a weekend vendors might have more availability during the weekday. That means you can book the vendors you have always dreamed of. It might even come with a lower rate. 

No Late Nights

If you were thinking of keeping the party going all night that might not be able to happen with a weekday wedding. Having a weekday wedding means that most of your guests are going back to their work the next day. So it's important to schedule things accordingly. 

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