A Guide For Choosing Your Earrings For Your Bridal Look

 Accessories really have the power to make or break your bridal look. You can over do it and have a non-cohesive look or pair the perfect ones and have an amazing outcome. We are here to help you put together an amazing look that you will love with years to come. Here are some ways to pick the perfect pair of earrings that compliment your dress and style.

Hairdo In Mind

Depending on what kind of hair style you are going to wear it is going to play in part of choosing the right pair of earrings. If you are going to wear and up do you can rock more of a statement earring because it's going to show more. Same goes for a half up half down look. If you are wearing your hair down you can keep your earrings simple to studs because most likely they are going to get covered by your hair anyway. If you are having it pushed to one side you can ear something fun like a cuff. It's going to be a unique touch to your bridal look. 

Neckline Of The Gown

When you are choosing your earrings keep you dress neckline in mind. If you are wearing a high neckline wedding gown don't go for earrings that hang very low. It can make your neck appear short and will not be a flattering look. If you are wearing a strapless gown you can wear longer statement earrings. 

Color Of Wedding Gown

The color of your wedding gown can help you choose what metals you want to wear. If you are going to a cool white wedding gown then silver would look amazing. If you are wearing a champagne gown gold will look stunning. 

Stay True To Your Style

What kind of feeling do you want to give off with your bridal look? Do you want a glam style or something more minimal? These questions are going to help put everything together. If you are going for a minimal look keep the earring simple. If you want a look that is all about the bling and show stopping go big with your accessories. It all depends on what you feel most comfortable with. 

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