Unique Accessories For A Beach Bridal Look

 Beach weddings are always a gorgeous sight to see and summer time is the when it it all happens. If you are a summer bride planning a beach wedding we have some inspiration waiting for you. Keep reading for more. 

Shoe Alternative

If you are going to use the sand on the beach as your wedding aisle then we suggest ditching the shoes. Feel the soft sand on your feet but also have a cute accessory. Wearing footless sandals are a great alternative. It's a unique look that you will love. There are delicate lace ones or even chains adorned with jewels, it all depends on your preference. 

Seaside Royalty

We've see beautiful flower crowns that brides love to wear but for a beach wedding why not switch it up a bit. Use the ocean as your inspiration to create a shell crown. You can have little starfish and even pearls are part of it. Go as big or minimal as you would like with it. 


Protect yourself from the bright sun as you walk down the aisle with a parasol. It can even replace your bridal bouquet if you want to try something different. 

Adorned Veil 

A pearl adorned veil would be perfect for a beach wedding. It looks elegant and regal but still brings in that element of the ocean. 

Shell of A Purse

Rock a cute shell clutch to keep your important things with you. There are many styles to choose from make sure you choose one that pairs well with your dress. 

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