Wedding Trends: The First Touch

 The first look is a modern tradition more and more couples are incorporating into their wedding day. Perhaps you want something intimate like that with your partner but still want to wait till the alter to see each other. Well the best way to do that would be through the first touch. 

The first touch is similar to a first look except you won't see each other. You pick a quiet place for you two. A lot of couples like to stand between a wall or a door. You keep your eyes closed until the right position and then hold hands. You can even do it with a blind fold so you don't get a peak at each other. 

A first touch gives you the opportunity to be surprised with how each other looks at the alter. It also still allows you to have that intimate moment with your partner that can ease any anxiety each other might be feeling. 

This would be the perfect time to tell each other your personal vows if that is something you are planning on doing. It will also make for great photos! You are not going to forget this very special moment. 

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