Don't Make These Wedding Cake Mistakes

 Choosing your wedding cake is always a fun experience. You and your partner get to taste different amazing cakes to put together something special. Although it is a fun experience there are some things to keep in mind to make sure you have a cake that looks and tastes amazing. Here are some tips to remember when making your wedding cake choice. 

Keep The Season In Mind

The season your wedding will be in has a big impact on a lot of wedding planning including your wedding cake. It can help you decide what kind of decorations you want as well as the preparation that goes into it. A buttercream cake will not do well in the heat and you can have a melted cake. Make sure you talk about this with your baker.

Serving Size

You should always think about the amount of people that will be at your wedding to help you get the right size of wedding cake. If you are having a smaller wedding perhaps having a five tier wedding cake isn't the best choice. The same goes for a big wedding, you aren't going to want a single tier cake. Be sure to also keep in mind your other dessert options. If you are going to have a lot of other baked goods it gives your guests more options and you may not need a big cake. 

You Don't Need To Please Everyone

Although it is good to keep your guests in mind when picking flavors you shouldn't accommodate to please them. This is you and your partners big day so go with something you both like. Your guests will be pleased to experience new flavors. If some of your guests have dietary restrictions you can always have other desserts for them to enjoy.  

A White Cake Isn't The Only Option

Just because a white wedding cake is the most traditional doesn't mean you have to choose that. There are so many beautiful cakes that have bright colors even dark shades like black. Think about your theme and talk about it with your baker so they can make some suggestions to choosing the right color. 

Remember To Enjoy A Slice

Your wedding cake isn't just for looks. Make sure you take some time to really enjoy a slice. It can seem like you have a million things to do during the wedding but plan some time to enjoy it. 

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