Must Have Cocktails At Your Summer Wedding

 There's nothing like a cold refreshing drink to help you cool down on a warm summer day. Serve your guest refreshing cocktails that they are going to remember for days to come. There are so many fresh fruits that are in season that would be the perfect addition to any cocktail. Take a look at some of our top choices. 


Rosé with a twist is becoming more and more popular. Frozé is perfect for a summer wedding because you get that fun slushy with the nice rosé taste. This can also be easy to have on hand with a self serve machine. 

Boozy Arnold Palmer

Lemonade and summer just go hand in hand. Add a splash of tea and vodka and now you have a party going. A spiked Arnold Palmer is great to beat the summer heat. It's also easy to make big batches of it ready for your guest to serve themselves. This can be great for on a budget. 

White Sangria

Seasonal fruit is a great addition to any summer cocktail. You can add grapefruit, orange and strawberries to a white sangria to give you the perfect summer drink. White sangria is much lighter and better for a summer day than your regular sangria. 

Spicy Cucumber Marg

Spice up your typical margarita with jalapeños and cucumbers! It's a great spin on the typical marg that is going to be refreshing and have a little kick. If you love some spice this one is a great choice for you. 

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