Wedding Planning Tips To Help You Have An Amazing Wedding Day


There is so much that goes into planning a wedding that even with a wedding planner is can seem like a lot. If you are just starting your wedding planning journey we hope you have fun and remember to take a break when ever you feel overwhelmed. Here are some of our tips that can help you have an amazing wedding day with no regrets. 

Rehearse Your First Dance

If you are planning on having a first dance with your partner it's always a good idea to practice at least a little bit. You might be thinking you want it to be natural between you two when the time comes but it's always better to have an idea of what you want to do. Talk to your partner if you want do dip in certain parts of the song or spin in other parts. 

You Can Shop Second Hand For Your Looks

If you are planning on having multiple looks through out your wedding try thrifting for some of your pieces. This is going to help you stay within your budget and you are bound to find something very unique. This does require more time to go out shopping so make sure you plan ahead. 

 Get Creative With Your Save The Dates

Your save the dates are the first thing guests have to base what your wedding will be like. So why not get creative with it. You can ditch the traditional cards and make a video instead. It will be a fun time spent with your partner getting all of the clips. Your guests will love it. 

Have Your Rehearsal Dinner Two Days Prior

Most couples like to have their rehearsal dinner the night before the big day. However if you want to have a good time and stay out late with your loved ones we suggest have it two nights before. That way you can enjoy everything and still have one day to gather yourself for the big day. 


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