How To Style A Statement Wedding Dress

 A wedding dress that makes a statement should be in the spotlight. There are so many ways to style a wedding dress but you want to make sure to let its special features shine. After all that is what drew you to that particular gown. We have some styling tips to make sure you look incredible on your big day. 

Show Off The Beading 

If you wedding dress has a lot of beading it's going to attract the eye on its own. However, you are going to want to make sure you don't over accessorize with these types of gowns. The gown itself it already so beautifully adorned you can keep your accessories minimal. Make sure your necklace and earrings are simple to let your gown get all the attention. You can add complimentary bling with hair accessories. 

Lace Back Details

If you wedding dress has beautiful back details it's going to really shine through with an updo hairstyle. For a gown with these types of details you can also keep your necklace simple or even replace it for statement earrings. Statement earrings pair well with updos and give the front portion of your look something extra if your gown is simple in the front. 

Dramatic Train

A long train is always such a stunning look. One way to show it off is by choosing a veil that is shorter or just about the same length as the train. You can go for a simple tulle veil so the details of the dress train can be seen. You can even add some of the same details of the train to match the veil. That would create a beautiful cohesive look. 

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