Accessories Trends From Bridal Fashion Week

 Bridal fashion week has come to show us what we can expect to see for the Spring 2022 season. We love seeing new trends emerge not only from the wedding gowns but everything that comes along. The accessories and the bridal beauty it is also so exiting. Today we will be going over some accessories that have graced the runway and will look gorgeous for your own wedding. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to see. 

Belted Beauties


We are starting off strong with belts! You may be a little surprised by this because when you think of a wedding dress a belt doesn’t always come to mind. However, we have to agree that the make the perfect addition to your wedding dress. From sparkling glam to a simple look, they all do an amazing job of defining your waist to show off your figure. 

New Capes/Jackets

Next up we have an alternative to a trend that was seen a couple years ago which was the cape. Now it’s back and better than ever in a sheer look. It is a great look and can even serve as a substitute for a veil with the same sheer style. You can have a short cape or go for more of a statement look with one floor length one. 

Elegant gloves

Take your elegant bridal look to the next level with gloves! This accessory would be perfect for winter brides but if you are having a warm weathered wedding you can still rock this trend. Switch out the thick fabrics with a sheer look. This one is perfect for the trend setter bride. 

Floral Veils 

You can never go wrong with bridal veils but this time they get a little extra love with delicate floral accents. Floral embroideries add that enchanting look to not only the veil itself but the overall bridal look. Usually you can find the lace on the trim but anywhere on the veil would also look amazing.

Chic Pearls

This trend has been seen on some wedding dresses but it also looks amazing on accessories. We are talking about pearls! We don’t mean your beloved pearl necklace, although that would also look great. You can see them in everything from your veil, shoes, and hair. 

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