Wedding Dresses Inspired By Your Favorite Movies (Part 2)

 Welcome to part two of our movie wedding dress series where we talk about the iconic wedding dress worn by your favorite characters. For each wedding dress we talk about there is also going to one inspired by it so if you see any gowns that catch your eye you can visit for more info on where you can say yes to the dress. 

So let’s get continue this fabulous adventure. 

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Katniss is not only the hero we all want to be but she also wears some of the most eye catching garments. So it is not a surprise that the wedding dress would be over the top and stunning. This dress has such a dramatic silhouette while still following that almost trumpet design. The fitted bodice and ruffled skirt gives her that hour glass shape. 

Mckenna offers that same fitted top and dramatic skirt. We see a more wearable ruffle on this gown and a stunning train. In Katniss dress we also see some crystal accents which is also found on our beautiful Mckenna gown. 

Bride Wars

We all know friends can some times get a little competitive with each other but this is taken to the next level when it comes to who gets married first. There are two beautiful dresses that take the stoplight in this film but today we will focus on Liv’s. Her gown is a beautiful lace strapless gown. This classic gown is timeless and will always be remembered. 

Our Becca gown shares that classic design that will always be in style. We have the same stunning lace and fitted bodice we see in Livs gown. That lace cascades down to the airy tulle skirt that is also similar to the one we see on screen. 

The Notebook

The modern day romance movie everyone loves!  What would a love story be without an amazing wedding dress. Although we don’t actually get to see Allie married in this dress it is too beautiful to not mention. This dress is such an gorgeous vintage piece that would still look amazing in this day. All of the lace is heavenly.

We decided to take this dreamy lace gown to a more modern level. Fatima features the wonderful charm that you find in Allies gown. We see the gorgeous lace and the same fitted silhouette. 

Monster In-Law

A brides worst nightmare comes true in this comedy Monster In-Law. Imagine having your mother in law show up in a wedding gown on your wedding day! There is no competition here because Charlottes silk gown is flawless. 

You can also rock a gown like this with a custom version of our Fliss gown. We see a similar V neckline that shows the perfect amount of skin. This gown is also simple and chic just like the one Charlotte wears. Pair it with some glove accessories and you’ve got the perfect look. 

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