Wedding Dress Details Every Bride Should Think About

What makes a wedding dress so special and stand out from the rest? It’s all in the details. This reigns so true to your wedding dress. There are so many things to think about some that may not have even came to mind yet. We are here to shed a little light on things you should think about when shopping for the perfect wedding gown. Keeping an eye out for these details when looking for inspiration or shopping in person is crucial to helping you say yes to the dress. Let’s take a look. 

1. The Back Details

Often you will find yourself having a vision of your wedding dress and that includes how it looks from the front but it is equally important to think about the back. You of course want a back just as stunning as the front of the dress. You might think of a bow tie detail to add a playful look or perhaps a gorgeous open back for a sexy look. It all depend on your style of course. 

2. Length of Gown

Now, traditionally wedding gowns are a formal clothing item so it is floor length but in recent years that has changed. Modern brides are looking for a short length from midi to mini these are all options. So, do know that you have more option then just the formal long length. A shorter length maybe more appealing if you are a petite bride. 

3.Material of Gown

This one is also important and we think it doesn’t cross the mind of brides too often but material is very important. The type of fabric you choose will not only work with what look you are going for but also the season your wedding will be in. There are fabrics like crepe, tulle, lace, and organza. It’s good to have an idea of which you would like to rock on your big day. 

4.Gown Color

When you think of the color of a wedding gown white automatically pops up but you can choose other colors. You can choose to have taupe, nude, or ivory color. These are like cousins to the white tradition that also look amazing. If you want a completely different look there are other colors like black, rose gold, and even red that some brides have made look amazing. 

5. Be Mindful of Comfort

It’s your wedding day and you want to look amazing but if the gown you are rocking isn’t comfortable that could throw off your day. When trying on gowns be mindful of the comfort level the gown has. Sometime certain fabrics can be bothersome on the skin so be aware of little things like that. Test how well you can walk and even dance in some silhouettes. 

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