Who Should Go Wedding Dress Shopping With You?

 You said yes now it's time to start picking out the perfect wedding dress. Before you embark on this journey of finding the right wedding dress you should think about who will be joining you. Having the right group of people when wedding dress shopping is very important. The atmosphere has to be good to be able to fully enjoy the experience. Although you might want to have your entire bridal party present it's not always the best idea. Keeping your group to about 3 to 4 people is plenty. So how exactly do you choose who to take? This is a little tricky but there are some great choices and we are here to help make it easier. 

Maid Of Honor

Your maid of honor should be top of the list and probably was even before we mentioned it. This is your best friend that most likely knows you better then anyone else. They are going to be able to know your style and help you with the process. They are also going to keep things real and honest which is exactly what you want in a friend and shopping partner. 

Parents or Close Family Members

Next up we have family that is closest to you this can be your mother, father, sister, aunt and so on. They may already be included in your bridal party or not but they are a great option to have with you. Having your parents present is such a special experience but it might not always be the right one. Play this one by ear if you think your parents can add a negative factor to the shopping experience. Sometimes parents can be pushy on their opinions and this is not the time for that. 

Local Bridesmaids

If you are having a lot of out of town members of your bridal party it can get tricky to have them all come together at one time. Having all of your bridal members there also means it may just be too many people at once shopping. Which is why having your local brides maids would be a great option. They are near by and can provide great help. If you want to include your out of town bridesmaids you may want to book an appointment near a time they will all come together like the bachelorette party.

Going Solo

More then likely you are going to have several bridal shop appointments. You don't have to bring your entourage with you to all of them. Shopping alone is also a great option. It let's you think clearly on what exactly you want for your wedding dress. It also gives you that one on one time with your bridal consultant to really communicate. 

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