All About The Ball Gown Silhouette

 As you embark on your wedding dress shopping adventure it's great to think about what silhouette you will be trying on and purchasing. We are here to bring you all you need to know in order to make the right choice for you. Today we are going to talk about the ball gown silhouette. A classic and formal silhouette that gives that perfect princess look. If you are interested in learning more and if this is the one for you, keep on reading!

The ball gown silhouette is the epitome of a classic princess style. Not to get confused with the sister silhouette A-line a ball gown is much more of a statement with a full skirt. For this style it will be a fitted bodice and a defined full skirt starting at the hip downward. This style looks amazing but it is important to keep in mind that it can hide your hips and butt so if you want more of a body hugging look this isn't the one. With that in mind if you are more on the petite side you might want to double think the ball gown silhouette. Due to the fact that it is very voluminous sometimes it can drown out your figure and weigh you down. 

A ball gown wedding dress will look amazing in a more formal venue because of it's regal style. It's grand look is great for indoor venues. It also works best because it can be a bit tricky to move around in and the outdoor terrine might not be suitable. 

This design will look amazing with any length in train. Since you have such a full skirt you don't need a long train if you don't want to but if you want to make a statement the bigger the better. For the bodice you will usually find a structured look most likely with boning in it to help really define the top from the skirt. 

Le't take a look at some of our favorite ball gowns. 

FOREVER is the perfect example of the bigger the better. This ball gown is such a statement and modern look if you want want an updated ball gown this one is for you!

Princess vibes all around with our regal HOLLAND gown.  This wedding gown is such a work of art! You'll love the beaded bodice that is corset style to really define your waist.  The perfect formal gown. 

ANISE has the perfect amount of volume to captive the heart of all. The flattering sweetheart neckline looks so stunning with the airy skirt. 

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