What You Should Know About Wedding Dress Alterations

 Once you pick out your perfect wedding dress and it finally arrives you might be surprised to find that it may not fit properly. No need to worry because that is where alterations come in. This is a very important thing to know as a bride. Most brides will need alterations to perfect that wedding dress fit. We are here to give you all the information you need about alterations to be prepared for your bridal appointment.

The first thing that you might be thinking is do you need alterations?

The answer to this is yes. The fabrics that most wedding dresses are made from are not the same as your average clothing that would stretch to fit you. It is important that your wedding dress fits properly not just for looks but functionality. If the straps or bodice of the gown aren't sitting right, you will not be comfortable in it and can throw off our day. This is also true when it comes to the length of the gown. There is a standard length that comes with each gown size so if you don't fit that length is is very important to get it hemmed. This also includes bodice length. Some people have shorter torso or longer torsos so alterations solve this issue.  

Now that you know you will need alteration it's time to think about pricing. How much will this cost you?

This depends on many factors for one is your bridal store. Each bridal store will have a different cost for certain alteration needed. When they calculate the cost they will take these things into consideration: what alterations need to be made? and how complicated is the design of the gown for these alterations?  Complicated designs like lace and beading will be charged more for alteration as opposed to simple fabrics that need to be fixed. A recommended budget to be set is around $700 for alterations alone. So keep that in mind for your overall wedding dress budget. 

So how long will the alterations take?

Having ample enough time is also something very important because you of course want to have your wedding dress ready for your wedding day.  If is also important to know that you might not just need one session of alterations. It can take up to 3 rounds of alterations to perfect that look so giving yourself about 1.5 months prior to your wedding date should cover that. 

Tips to know before your alteration fitting.

Having your shoes and undergarments you are planning to use is a must! So be sure to have them picked out and with your for your first alteration session. The shoes are very important because that will help determine the length of the hem. Having that right undergarments will also help you see how the dress will look all together and alter the gown so factoring in our undergarments. 

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