Top Spring Wedding Color Combinations

Spring has sprung which means bring it's time to bring out the colorful wedding themes. We love all the beautiful and bright wedding color inspired by the flowers in bloom. Today we will be taking a look at some stunning colors that will work great for any bridal theme. The right color combination is out there for you and we are here to bring you some inspiration. 

Pantone Colors Of The Year

We are starting off strong with the Pantone colors of the year. Just like every year Pantone released a color that will be trending and represent the year ahead but this year they chose two instead of one. Those colors are Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow. These are perfect colors for a spring wedding because of the bright yellow and the grey neutralizing element. It is very easy to pair these two colors together and add a great sense of balance which is why they chose this combination. 

Neutral Greenery

Captivate the lush greens that come with the spring season. Using soft greens and nudes are great for that etherial vibe. If you are all about neutrals this color combination is perfect for you. They are so great for that clean and crisp minimal look if you are planning on going that route. The nude colors really let the greens pop which adds just the right amount of color without being too much. 

Blue Skies

Another nature inspired combination from blue skies above. Embrace the wonderful blue scenery with a dusty sky blue paired with a peachy orange. A peach color adds the perfect warmth to a more cool blue shade.  It is the perfect balancing act. This color combination is not only great for spring but summer as well. 

Vintage Feel

Lilic is a color we see time and time again during the spring time and we are all here for it. You can't go wrong with this timeless color that is always on trend and always a stunner. Pair it with a more mustard light yellow for a vintage feel. These colors aren't always paired together but we think they should be more common. It adds a feminine and rustic feel. 

What are your favorite spring color combinations? Let us know and be sure to follow us for more wedding inspiration. 

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