How To Spice Up Your Wedding Seating

 This day in age weddings are becoming more and more personalized to the couples instead of having to have traditional ideas. One way to add a new and fun element to your wedding is seating. This is one that is often over looked because the attention goes to other things. We have seen a change in assigned seating to a more casual rule free environment. That is exactly what you can also do with the seats themselves. 

There is nothing wrong to sticking with the same traditional seating but if you are looking for a different approach we have just the things for you! There is sure to be something here for you no matter what your style maybe. Let's begin!

Wedding Ceremony Aisles

Typically we see the straight aisle down the middle with guests on either side. With this new approach we jazz up the wedding aisle and work around that. Having this different approach adds a simple yet different touch and feel to the overall ceremony. 

Center of Attention

When we think of seating of a ceremony you always picture the bride at the end of the aisle. But what if she was in the center of it all. Having the bride and groom stand in the middle with guests surrounding them make such an intimate feeling. You can do a circle or even a square arrangement it all looks fantastic. 

Seats Take A New Look

It's time to ditch the traditional chairs for weddings and have a new and fun look. You can use vintage chairs for a eco friendly approach as well as budgeting. They also have a beautiful look to them. Another popular look is sofas. These add the perfect mix of color and are sure to be super comfortable for your guests. 

Inspired By Your Surroundings 

Sometimes finding the perfect seats is easier then you think. Use your location as inspiration for the perfect look. Having a garden wedding? You might want to go picnic style with blankets on the floor. There are so many ways to dress up your wedding seats just be sure to look around you. 

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