Having An Outdoor Wedding? Here’s How To Look Glam At All Times

Outdoor wedding are trending at the moment and it’s easy to see why. Outdoor weddings are just as magical as having an indoor venue. Although outdoor weddings can be beautiful they can cause some troubles for the bride, groom, even guests. It can occur with the weather and other unexpected things. But today we are here to guide our brides that will be celebrating their love under the bright blue skies. Let’s get started with some tips to keep you looking glamorous all-day long. 

All About The Lips

No matter what color you want to rock on your wedding day we advise to stay away from lip gloss. Lip gloss can be sticky and when you pair that with wind and hair it can be tricky. You have to deal with our hair getting stuck to your gloss which can not only be annoying but ruin photos. We advise to go with a matte lipstick or if you want a glossy look try a tinted lip balm that will keep you lips hydrated and add the perfect touch of color. 

Protect Your Skin

Every skin care expert will tell you wear sunscreen on any giving day but this is even more true when outdoors. It’s important to avoid getting sunburnt on your wedding day, you don’t want redness to get in the way of your wedding photos. There are foundations that use SPF if you don’t want to use a separate sunscreen. Be sure to do a flash wear test with your camera to make sure it doesn’t leave a white cast. 

Don’t Forget That Water Proof

Avoid your makeup rubbing off due to sweat and of course there might be a shed of tears due to all of the emotions. So be sure to opt for the water proof makeup from mascara to eyeliner and everything in between. 

Opt For Natural Hair

Heat and humidity can be a bad combination for hairstyles. If your hair is naturally straight and choose a curled hairstyle it can soon turn back to it’s original form even with hairspray. The same goes for curly hair that is straightened. That is why using your natural texture can be the best route to go. That doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing hairdo just be cautious when it comes to it. 

Keep Extras Handy

It’s such a good idea to keep extra bobby pins hand to put hairs in place that might get lost in the wind. It will insure your hairstyle stays in it’s place. Another thing to keep handy is oil blotting sheets. These will keep you looking shine free and that your makeup stays put. This can also help with the sweat that might form. 

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