5 Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping

 Now that you have yes to the one it's time to say yes to the dress. Wedding dress shopping is one of the highlights of wedding planning. If you aren't very familiar with wedding dresses it can seem a bit overwhelming. But there is no need to worry because we've got your back. The right gown will be waiting for you. So here are some tips to helping you find the right fit for you. 

1. Get Familiar With The Terms

You don't need to be an expert and know every cut and style name to describe gown but it is a good idea to be some what familiar with it. This will help you understand when your bridal consultant describes a gown. Things like silhouettes and neckline are a great way to start. 

2. Don't Rule Anything Out

You probably have an idea on what you're looking for. But it's important to try on things you normally wouldn't go for because it might just be the right one. Just because it may not look amazing on the hanger doesn't mean it won't look amazing on you. It doesn't hurt to try things on. 

3. Don't Expect To Take The Gown Right Away

You will most likely have to wait a few months to actually have your gown ready. The gowns are special orders. That means until you actually place your oder the gown does not exist yet. You should also prepare for alterations because most of the time wedding dresses don't just fit like a glove. 

4. Getting The Right Size

You should know that wedding dress sizes are not like your normal dress size. You may be a size 8 normally but for your wedding dress you might need a 10 or even a 12. It's important to always go for a size up then what you think because a gown can always be taken in. This is especially true if you are thinking of loosing weight. 

5. Budget For Alterations

Like mentioned above you are going to need to do alteration to your wedding dress. This ensures that it fits you perfectly. For this reason you should include that in your wedding dress budget because they go hand in hand. It maybe from 10 to 20 percent added. You can always ask before hand how much it may cost. That way you can decide if you want to do it in house or take it somewhere else. 

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