How To Solve Wedding Party Drama

 Your wedding party is made of the closest people to you. This include friends and family. Although it is a fun time it isn't always sunshine and rainbows. This doesn't always happen but conflict can come from the wedding party. This can include spending, not attending or just drama with other people. There is no need to worry because we are here to help you solve problems that may or may not occur. 


Here is a common conflict that can come about over attire. Since you are the one choosing what they will wear sometimes so disagreements may come about. If this does happen a good thing to do is compromise. Although it is your wedding day it's important your wedding party feels comfortable and confident in what they're wearing. If you can't change their outfit for the wedding maybe let them switch into something better suited for them throughout the night. 


We know that being in a wedding party does come at a price. This can also be a touchy subject to talk about but it it necessary. To avoid problems from this it's important to be upfront about how much it can cost to be in the wedding party. Although it is an honor and a lot of fun to be part of one sometimes it's just not in their budget. Let them know that you would love for them to be involved and perhaps they can skip some of the celebration if it just doesn't align with their budget. But do sit down and have a private conversation about it.

Pulling Out Of The Wedding 

This is probably one thing no bride wants to hear. But unfortunately having a wedding party member pull out of a wedding does happen. It can be for unforeseen circumstances or even with finances. If this does happen it's important to be understanding and not let it ruin the relationship you have with that person. Try not to panic and just know your wedding will still turn out amazing. 

Conflict Between Party Members

Wedding parties don't always know each other and sometimes they don't always get along. If you notice that some of your wedding party member aren't getting along sit them down and talk about the issue. If this is not an option talk to them individually and ask them to be civil between each other just for the sake of the wedding. 

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