Bridal Trend: Headbands

 Fashionable, functional, and fun are the three things that make headbands a great accessory for your bridal look. A headband is great for that traditional headpiece element with a more modern take. The bridal headband brings a polished and chic look to any gown. There is one out there that embodies your unique style. We have some great ideas that you can rock on your big day. 

Paired With Veil

This is for the brides that are concerned about how a headband can go with a veil. The good news is that you can most definitely where both of them. They will look amazing paired together. You can wear both for the ceremony and switch up the look by removing the veil for the reception. A great way to transition into the night time. 


We love headbands because they are so versatile. They can go with almost every hairstyle and length. Soft romantic curls are always a favorite. If you have short hair it will also look amazing in a sleek pulled back style. It's all possible with a headband. 

Chic Flowers

A beautiful twist on the flower crown is ones make out of porcelain. We love this one with gold leaf details that really make the florals pop. It gives that great romantic look with loose curls.  

Glamorous Look 
If you want that touch of bling to your bridal look a jeweled headband is a great way to do it. This will look amazing paired with a simple gown. It will add that extra pop to the look. 


A headband doesn't have to be a dramatic look. If can also be minimal and dainty. If you you want an accessory that doesn't take too much attention off of your gown this is a great one. It looks great with a pulled back hairstyle. 

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