What Happens After You Say Yes To The Dress

 So you found the perfect wedding dress. What happens afterwards? We are here to guide your through your wedding dress journey. What you should expect and what you should you do after you say yes to the dress. Let's get started!

Begin Alterations

Once you have picked the one for you it's time to start the alteration process. It is very unlikely you won't do alteration to your dress. That is one thing to always keep in mind and to make sure you have enough time for this process. Alterations are great for really molding the dress to your body. You're going to want to start the alteration process at least 3 months before the big day. 

Find The Right Undergarments

Now that you found what you're going to be wearing it's time to start thinking about what you're going to be wearing underneath. This is just as important as the gown it's self. Decide if you will be wearing any shape-wear. Also the right bra to fit the cut of the dress. 

Hair & Makeup Ideas

Your wedding dress can have a big influence on your wedding hair and makeup. Now that you know what kind of style dress you want you can use that to inspire your wedding glam. If you have a high neckline dress you might want to go with an up do. Maybe you would like minimal make up to really let your wedding dress shine bright. 


Now is the time to start looking for accessories you want to complete your look. You can think of things like head pieces, jewelry, and veils. It will be much easier to choose your accessories once you have your wedding dress style. 

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