Easy Way To Decorate Your Wedding Chairs

 Take your wedding decor to the next level by decorating your chairs. It can be for your ceremony or reception. There are so many options to choose from that you are sure to find one that fits your style. Let's take a look at some of them. 

Tassel Garland

If you want to have a more casual and happy vibe try going with colorful tassel garland. It is also an easy DIY if you are up for it. It really makes the chairs pop. 

Draped Pearls

Pearls are huge this year. From decor to wedding dresses, they are every where and we can see why. They look amazing in any form. If you want an elegant and glam touch to your wedding this is the perfect way to do it. Draped pearls are that extra touch chairs need. 


Along with pearls bow decor has been on the rise. This is a super simple easy way to decorate your wedding chairs. You can choose any fabric you would like. Burlap would be great for a rustic wedding. Tulle for that light and whimsical wedding. Even lace fabric for a romantic touch. 


Flowers is a common go to and we love to see it. It brings that bright and romantic element to the. You can choose any flowers you think will match your wedding. Babys breath is a great one because it can be minimal and still look amazing. You can also go for roses or sunflowers for that pop of color. 

Fall Leaves

If you're an autumn bride use those stunning changing leaves as you're decor. It is a great way to add a special touch to your wedding chairs. The beautiful colors really pop against any colored chair. 

Winter Wedding 

If you are tying the knot during the winter time there are so many ways to dress up your chairs. You can use pinecones for that woodland touch. If you want to tie in Christmas time you can use ornaments. Pine needles are also great touch of greenery and looks minimal. 

Framed Photos

If you want to honor those who couldn't be there for your big day it's a great idea to hang framed photos of them on your ceremony chairs. You can also use photos of you and your partner for a touch of romance. 

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