Fall Wedding Trends

 Summer weddings are in full swing but it won't be long until we start to get cooler temperatures and welcome fall. Another great times for weddings and this year new trends are emerging. Couples are trading in their old ideas and trying something new for the fall season of 2022. We are here to give you some trends to expect. Be sure to let us know which is your favorite. 

The New Age Of Receptions

When it comes to wedding receptions there has always been a standard linear plan most couples stick to. The dinner, the toasts, the dancing are all great but this year we can expect to see something new emerge. Receptions are turning more into an experience for guests. Couples are choosing to go all out for their weddings which means entertainment for guests. Adding a new touch with dancers and jugglers. We also see a switch in food that includes food truck and late night snacks. A different take then your standard chicken or fish option. 

Destination Weddings

As the world begins to open up again couples are packing their bags and getting ready to tie the know abroad. Destination weddings are great for couples and guests because it's not only a wedding but a vacation all in one. Depending on where you're planning the destination wedding it can actually be cheaper than planing it close to home. Why wouldn't you want to have a wedding in paradise and keep it under budget. 

Modern Take

When you think of fall it's hard not to think about rustic themes. They seem to go hand in hand. But this year we can expect to see a shift in this. More couples want to incorporate a modern take. Think of switching out the famous chalkboard  signs with custom neon ones. Mixing these more modern and industrial elements with the coziness of fall make a great new look. 

Ditching The Traditional Registry 

This trend will continue to grow over the years and we will see it continue this year. That is ditching the traditional gift registry and going with a honeymoon fund. It is a great idea for couples who seem to have little use for items in a traditional registry. It is also easy for the guests to donate money rather than go out and buy a gift. 

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