Sun Palm Wedding Trend

 When it comes to wedding decor there are so many options to choose from. That includes the beautiful florals and plants used. In recent years we have seen a switch from fresh blooming florals to using dried plants and flowers instead. It is a unique touch that adds something new to the mix. In this we saw the rise of pampas grass and sun palms being used. Sun palms have especially become popular because they are able to be be dyed. Some are bleached and others prefer their natural dried color. They look amazing with other dried florals or stand out on their own. 

If you are interested in using this beautiful plant then we have some great ideas waiting for you. Be sure to let us know which idea was your favorite. 

Alter Decor

Make a statement at your alter with this gorgeous display. Here we see they incorporated stunning neutral florals along with the sun palms. It is the perfect boho look and will turn out amazing in photos. 

Place Cards

We love the contrast of the light sun palm and darker table setting. It gives the perfect pop without being too bold. You can easily make your place cards stand out with the help of a sun palm. Keep in mind you can dye it to match your color scheme. 

Table Decor

Spice up the usual floral table decor with some sun palms and other dried florals. If you aren't into the neutral look you can certainly dye sun palms to other colors. Here we have a beautiful pink. There are endless possibilities. 

Wedding Cake Beauty

Take an ordinary white wedding cake and jazz it up with some sun palms. It adds that extra touch to make it stand out. It looks amazing alongside dried fruit as well. These earthy tones would be great for a summer wedding. 

Bridal Bouquet

Switch out some of the florals in your bouquet for some sum palms. If flowers aren't your cup of tea you can go with an all sun palms bouquet. It will be a unique look and you can even keep it after the wedding for a nice reminder. 

We hope these ideas inspired you to incorporate sun palms in your wedding. It is great for boho and summer weddings. Keep it neutral or add a pop of color with them. 


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