Fun Wedding Transportation Ideas

 Arrive in style and comfort with the perfect wedding transportation. Having unique and fun wedding transportation means the celebration starts even before you make it to your venue. These ideas can be also be great for your guests and wedding party. Let's take a look at some of these ideas. 

Party Bus

Now this says let's get the party started. Party busses are great if you want to get pumped on your way to the venue. They are also great because they can hold a lot of people. That means you don't have to rent as many to take all of your guests if you are providing that service for them. If not it can mean just the wedding party can arrive in this. Either way it's sure to be a fun time. 

Sleigh ride

If you are having a winter wedding use that as inspiration for magical sleigh ride to your wedding. Not only will it look amazing in photos it will also be so unique. Not many people can say they took a sleigh ride to their wedding.  Just don't forget the blankets to keep nice and cozy. 

Vintage Car

If you're going for that old Hollywood glam why not try a vintage car for your transportation. The always look amazing and will match your theme perfectly. 

VW Bus

Another retro transportation idea is a VW bus. They are always a sight to see. If you want that chill and boho wedding this car is the one for you. The old models can hold up to 12 people which makes them great for larger parties. 


When we think of trolleys San Fransisco is the first to come to mind. But trolleys are available for rentals in major cities now. They are a fun way of transporting your guests. They will also look great in wedding photos. 

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