Add These Elements To Your Winter Wonderland

 Before we know it winter will be upon us. If you are planning on having a winter wonderland wedding we have some magical ideas that will put a twinkle in everyones eye. So although the weather might be cold you can still have a beautiful wedding. Let's take a look at some of these ideas. 

Touches of Faux Fur

Help keep you and your guests nice and toasty with some added faux fur. Faux fur also adds that luxe touch to any wedding. Decorate your chairs with some draped fur. You can also stand at the altar with it. You can even have your bridesmaids dressed in faux fur shawls to help keep them warm. 

All That Glitters

Nothing says magical wonderland quite like glitter. When choosing the right glitter think about the shade that matches your color palette. You can add glitter to your drinks, wedding dress, and even wedding signs. There is not such thing as too much sparkle when it comes to a winter wonderland. 

All White

If you want that winter snow look come to life go for an all white color palette. You can use all white flowers and table cloths. If you don't want a traditional wedding attire you can even ask your guests to wear all white. It is a unique touch that you don't find at every wedding. 

Bring On The Metallics

Another luxe touch to your winter wonderland wedding is metallic elements. You can add it to your platting and for your wedding arch. You can even incorporate them into your bridal look with jewelry pieces and bridal shoes. 

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