Tips For Traveling With Your Wedding Dress

 Destination weddings require a lot of thought and planning but they are amazing to have. One thing that think about is traveling with your wedding dress. We are here to help make sure you transport you wedding dress in the best condition. We hope these tips make your destination wedding as magical as can be. 

Carry On Item

If you are flying to your destination we suggest having it with you as a carry on item. Airports are notorious for loosing luggages so you definitely want to have this important item handy with you. 

Invest In A Travel Bag

Usually you get a bag for your wedding dress from your boutique or designer but to it's great to invest in a travel bag for it. Make sure it is water proof incase of any accidental spills. Some even include a shoulder strap to easily carry it. 

Talk To Your Airline

For those flying you might want to contact your airline to ask for any accommodation that have for garment bags. Some airplanes have closet storage that is often used for hanging important things. You always call and ask ahead. Make sure to let them know its your wedding dress. 

Bring A Steamer

This one is a must! Whether you have one waiting for you at your destination or you pack one, it's very important you have a steamer. You are going to want to take out any wrinkles and make sure your wedding dress is altar ready. 

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