Winter Wedding Themes

 Choosing a theme for your wedding is one of the first things you should start thinking about when planning. This will help you decide what venue you want to have it it, even your bridal look. When it comes to winter weddings there are great themes that come to mind with the season. There is inspiration every where you look from the holidays to the beautiful snow. We are here to show you some great themes you can choose from to make your wedding day unforgettable. 

Christmas Theme

One of the most common we see during the winter season is of course the Christmas theme. This is great for the couples that just adore Christmas time. You can't go wrong with this. It's a cozy and happy theme that is going to be a favorite amongst guests. You can decorate with Christmas trees and magical tree lights. Ornaments as wedding favors is a go to and your guests can even use them on their own trees. 

Celestial Theme 

The magic of shooting stars can be brought to your winter wedding with a celestial theme. We love the dark tones that come with this theme perfect for the winter season. You also get that shine of metallics that add that touch of glam. You can hang star lanterns in your venue to bring the night sky inside. 

Ice Palace

Get inspired but all of the snow and ice that comes from the winter season with this theme. You can have that royal look with a statement gown and crown. Go with an all white color palette with snow flake details. You can even go all out with ice sculptures. 

Ski Resort Theme 

If you are the adventurous type and love going on vacations during the winter season to your favorite ski resort this theme is the one for you. Host a ski themed wedding. The winter season is the best time to do this. You can even book your favorite resort as your wedding venue. You can take photos on the ski lift or recreate it for your guests to take photos inside the resort.

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