How To Handle A Beauty Emergency On Your Big Day

  A bride never really knows how their wedding day will be. Of course everyone want it to go perfect with nothing going wrong. That can be a bit unrealistic so you should try and be prepared for any problems that can happen. Thats why we are here to help you and any beauty emergency you may have to deal with. 

Flaky/ Dry Skin

When it comes to the fall and winter months this is something that may happen more often. The cold winds can really dry out your skin. You of course want smooth skin to apply makeup on so that you have a good base. In order to achieve this you can exfoliate and do a hydrating mask. Exfoliating will get rid of dead skin and a hydrating mask will have your skin looking plump and full of life. 

Waking Up With A Blemish

This is one thing brides always dread. Waking up with a blemish can chip away at your confidence. But there is no need to worry because you can bring down the blemish with some help. If you want to calm down the redness and puffiness reach for some yogurt. Thats right, the acid can help bring down the blemish. If you picked at it and now it's worse try Neosporin. This will help with any bacteria and not dry out the blemish. 

Crying Your Makeup Off

It's safe to say you might shed a few tears on your big day. There's lots of emotions running through you so this is perfectly normal. In order to keep your makeup looking fresh keep your foundation on hand for touch ups. You should also use waterproof eyeliner and mascara to make sure it stays in place. 

Uneven Spray Tan

Some brides love the look of sun kissed skin. An easy way to achieve that is with a spray tan. If you want to avoid an uneven spray tan be sure to exfoliate from head to toe. This will make sure the tan doesn't cling to dry patches. If you find that it's uneven on your big day you can exfoliate again and try to even it out with make up. 

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