Is A Weekend Wedding For You?

 Sometimes you just don't want your wedding celebration to end. That is why more and more couples are choosing to have a weekend wedding. This means you will have the whole weekend to celebrate your everlasting love. Having a weekend wedding sounds amazing but it isn't fit for everyone. So here are some pros and cons of having a weekend wedding to help you decide if its right for you. 

Pro: More Time With Loved Ones

This is a great reason to have a weekend wedding. Having just one day doesn't allow you to see all of your guests and spend time with them. However, if you have a weekend celebration there are other events you can spend time with them at. That can be at a welcome dinner or a post wedding brunch. 

Con: Not Budget Friendly

More wedding events more money to spend, of course. Depending on your budget a weekend wedding might not be the right choice. If you are considering a weekend wedding celebration that maybe cutting down your guest list can help lower your costs. 

Pro: Sharing More Of What Your Passionate About As A Couple

With more events it lets you share more about you and your partner. That means hosting events that reflect your loves and interests. That can mean a pool party with rose and appetizers or something more relaxed like renting out a movie theater and watching your favorite films. 

Con: Less Down Time

This one is of course a given. With a weekend wedding you are not going to have much down time. This can be stressful and a little overwhelming. You will need to plan for additional venues and locations to host your other events. You are also going to have less alone time even with your partner so it that doesn't sound great then a weekend wedding might not be for you. 

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