Bridal Look Ideas For A Christmas Themed Wedding

 The holiday season has begun. From Thanksgiving to New Years the celebrations are on the way. With this winter season also comes winter weddings. One theme we often see brides get inspiration from is Christmas. You can't deny there is so much magic that comes with this theme. So if you are thinking of having a Christmas themed wedding we have some ideas for your bridal look. Let's take a look at some of them.

The Gown

We are starting off strong with one of the main pieces for the bridal look, the gown, of course.  When you think of this holiday we often think red, sparkle, and metallics. These are all great ideas to keep in mind when shopping for your wedding gown. If you want a traditional white or ivory colored gown we say go for all the sparkle. Beading and glitter are the perfect pair for a Christmas wedding. You can also add gold touched to your gown for that fun holiday flare. 

The Bouquet

Your bridal bouquet is such a fun accessory to put together. Use the holidays favorite colors. red & green, to add to your bouquet. Cranberries are a great idea to add to your flowers to give it that red pop. You can also add pine for the winter look. If you want to mimic snow you can even give your bouquet a frosted look. 

The Makeup

Your makeup look should be something you feel comfortable in. If you are wanting to try something new a bold lipstick would be a great new incorporation. Adding a red bold lip will look great in photos. Try going for something with lasting power so you don't constantly have to retouch. 

The Hair

When it comes to your bridal hair you can look towards your gown for inspiration. If you are wearing a high neckline then an updo would pair perfectly. More of a deep N-neck you can wear you hair down in what ever style you would like. For that holiday touch add fun accessories. Instead of a flower crown think about wearing cranberries even pinecones to match your bouquet. You can also add gold crown for that metallic touch. 

The Shoes

Before you fall in love with a pair of shoes for your bridal look you always want to make sure they are comfortable. When it comes to shoes for your Christmas bridal look there are so many great options to choose from. Fun velvet shoes in red are a great option. You can also go for gold or silver. If you want to keep you toes warm look for boots with some sparkle for that holiday fun. 

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