Unique Wedding Ideas For Non Traditional Couples

 A wedding should be a representation of love and a couples unique personality. In these modern days couples are honoring that and starting to ditch the old traditions that just don't speak to them. That can include skipping the garter toss or having no wedding party. These are all great ideas to use or not use in your wedding if you just don't like them. So if you are looking for ways to make your wedding more you then we have some great ideas. Keep on reading. 


We adore seeing couples having their pets by their side on their big day. They make great flower girls and even best man. In order to have your beloved pet in your wedding double check with your venue to see if they are allowed. 

Ditch The Wedding Dress

We have seen more brides ditch the traditional white wedding dress but why not ditch the dress completely. There are stunning jumpsuites and 2 piece suites that look amazing. You can still keep the white color tradition but you don't have to. 

Chose A Different Venue

When it comes to the location of you tying the know choose a place you love and speaks to you. Even if its not your conventional location. You can do an art gallery, a brewery, even a theater. Which ever you think represents you and your partner the most. 

Personalized Letters To Guests

Place a letter to your guests on their plate setting and let them know how much they mean to you. This one takes time but we promise you its worth it. You guests will really feel like a part of your love and in a way they are because they have been on the journey alongside you. 

Walking In Together

Traditionally we see the grooms walk in and wait at the alter for the bride but why not switch that up. You can both walk down the aisle and make your way to the altar. Couples like this because it shows them as equals and it's great to have that comfort person next to you. 

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