Wedding Trends To Look For In 2023

 Each year comes with new and exciting shifts in wedding trends. We have seen how modern couples like to celebrate and how much more personalized weddings have become. If you are looking for inspiration for your big day take a look at these new trends. 

Alluring Wedding Dresses

In this up coming year we can expect to see wedding dresses with slits becoming more popular. This little detail adds an alluring look to any wedding gown. This design will look wonderful in A-line and Sheath silhouettes. 

Disposable Cameras

Capture wonderful memories on your big day in an old fashion way. Couples are leaving disposable cameras on tables for guests to grab and take photos of an amazing day. It can be for your guests to keep or you can choose to collect them and print out some of the wonderful photos. 

Keeping It Real

When it comes to your wedding photos more and more couples are choosing to really capture candid photos. Candid photos are great because they let you express your true self. There isn't just stiff posed photos that don't let your personality shine. Look for a photographer that uses this style often to ensure you get amazing shots. 

Bright Color Palette

Couples are not afraid to go out of the box when it comes to their wedding color palette. Since weddings are going to be bigger and celebrated to the fullest, couples are turning to fun bright colors. Gone are the days when you had to stick to neutrals. 

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