5 Things You Should Avoid Doing At Your Wedding

Excitement is through the roof as your wedding day approaches. For months you have been checking off your to-do list but have you every thought about things that you shouldn’t do? Your wedding is all about celebrating your love and a new chapter. So we want to help you make the most of it. Let’s take a look at things you probably should avoid doing on your big day. 

Don’t Get Too Drunk 

You’re going to want to remember everything about the day so over drinking is a no. This can also affect the photos and just the overall vibe of the day. Remember to stay hydrated in between those celebratory drinks. 

Don’t Starve Yourself

With some much going on it’s easy to forget to get your meals in. It is so important to do so to have energy and just your overall health. Keep snacks handy in your bridal suite for you and your bridal party to enjoy while getting ready. This will allow you still get some food in you. 

Don’t Over Host

It is your day but that doesn’t mean you have to talk to everyone at the wedding. If you went around to everyone you wouldn’t be able to really enjoy the wedding itself. You don’t wan’t to feel guilty about eat and dancing as much as you want.

Don’t Over Use Your Phone

It’s your big day and you should really try to live in the moment. It can be tempting you post on social media about everything happening. However, at the end of the day you are going to be so much happier experiencing those moments without your phone present. 

Don’t Wear Something Your Not Comfortable In

When it comes to your bridal look it should be all about how comfortable you feel in it. You don’t want to be fidgeting with things or keep thinking about how you look in something. You should always choose a dress, shoes, and accessories you feel confident in. 

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