Wedding Dance Floor Ideas

The dance floor is one of the main focal points in a wedding. It’s where all of the fun and amazing memories with your guests happen. So why not dress it up a bit? It doesn’t matter if your reception is outside or inside you can make it all personal to your taste. Let’s take a look at these amazing ideas. 

Personalized Monogram

Make the space yours with a personalized decal. It can have your wedding date on it or your partners and yours initials. This will add a fun touch and can look amazing in photos. 

Rustic & Cozy

Want to warm up your dance floor? This one is for you. Make the dance floor unique with several vintage rugs. This is not seen very often so it will definitely be memorable. 

Clever Phrase

Get people off of their chairs and onto the dance floor with a fun catch phrase. Dancing in front of other can be intimidating but maybe the dance floor can be the guide. 

Under The Stars

Bring the stars indoors with this celestial decor. If you are having a wedding inside you can still have that magic of the night sky. 

Flower Installation

If you want a romantic look then why not try a hanging flower installation. It brings that grand romantic pop to the dance floor. 

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